Alabama Association Of Christian Recovery Ministries - Best Practices, Standards, And Accountability
Alabama Association of Christian Recovery Ministries Certification Commission

Our mission is to provide non-medical, faith based, Christian recovery ministries who serve individuals with life-controlling problems with best practices, standards, and accountability.
AACRM is pleased to announce new Life Recovery Coach Certification for your staff who provide direct services to your clients.

Requirements for Certification (CLRC)
  1. An applicant must be at least twenty-one years of age.
  2. Be a high school graduate or have a high school equivalency certificate (GED).
  3. Submit a dated, signed, and completed application; valid state picture ID required for training and testing.
  4. Employed for six months full-time, one-year part time employment, or one year of verifiable volunteer service with an AACRM member organization providing substance abuse care. Must have completed a year of continuous sobriety in an AACRM member facility.
  5. Letter from agency documenting work experience/sobriety within the past year, including supervisor or counselor contact information.
  6. Deliver a completed evaluation form to an AACRM certified coordinator.
  7. Attend the CLRC fifteen hour training class and successfully complete the written examination.  A $25.00 examination fee will be due at time of testing.

At the next available opportunity, any applicant failing the CLRC examination may re-attend the fifteen hour training course, pay the $25.00 examination fee, and retest.

Requirements for Recertification:
  1. Submission of twenty-four contact hours within two years, documented by an AACRM certification coordinator.
  2. Submission of $25.00 recertification fee.
  3. Recertification is for two years; a grace period of no more than thirty days may be granted for recertification unless special circumstances allows for an extension. Failure to rectify will cause the CLRC credential to become inactive and invalid.

Denial, suspension, or revocation:
  1. The CLRC credential will serve at the pleasure of the AACRM Certification Commission and may be deemed inactive and invalid at any time the AACRM Certification Commission rules one unfit for service.
  2. Provisions for appeal may be granted on a case-by-case basis.

Director of Certification:
Contact Mark Winslett if you have questions about Life Recovery Coach Certification.
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