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Christ-Centered Residential Recovery
Program Certification

Starting a new recovery ministry? Stop! You don't have to reinvent the model. 

Learn from the 950 combined service years of our members. 

Certification Areas:

Committed to improving?

Running a non-profit is hard. Really hard. Let us help! Regardless of the age or experience of your recovery ministry, your organization and clients will benefit from ACRM's online certification process. Work at your own pace, improving one process, one policy, or one principle at a time.


Fiscal Management

Personnel Management

Staff Development

Academic Development



General Counseling

Legal Assistance

Medication Control

Program Review

Participant Records


Participant Rights

Participant Grievances

Crisis Plan

Facilities Management

Certification Goals:

  1. To protect the mental, physical, and spiritual well-being of the consumer through safe and healthy environments.
  2. To facilitate ethical, moral, and legal Christian recovery ministry operations.
  3. To ensure local control of each Christian recovery ministry with minimum restrictions, which are implemented only for the legal, ethical, and spiritual well-being in all Christian recovery ministries.
  4. To support public trust through applying industry-accepted best practices.

Director of Certification:

Contact Brandon Lackey if you have questions about Recovery Program Certification.


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